Digi-Disruption and New Age Renaissance


Our first global Knowledge-Transfer event will feature a historic, behavioral and corporate governance perspective of COVID-19 for our future. 

Together in a high-scale panel of technical and practically-oriented Ivy League scholars, we first draw from historical foundations. European society ascended from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in the aftermath of the Black Death. What followed was an extraordinary phase of the survivors’ zest for life that celebrated the arts, sciences and culture. Accumulation of luxury fueled widespread economic growth. Advancements in hygiene, urban development and aesthetics improved healthcare and quality of life sustainably. Science and technology revolutionized society. 

In the wealth of information about the negative consequences of COVID-19, the panel serves as a beacon of hope for potential positive implications of the corona crisis. The panelists draw inferences from historical insights for our contemporary society. The presentations will feature the economic unprecedented potential of the pandemic that has not previously been discussed. Practitioner-oriented governance-recommendations will also be grounded in economic, legal and behavioral expertise. A discussion with the audience will help to derive creative solutions for how our contemporary society can advance the post-COVID-19 world into a New Age Renaissance. 

Our speakers:

  • Dr. Paul Schmelzing, Harvard University | Bank of England | Yale School of Management: “Economics of Transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance.”
  • DDr. Julia Puaschunder, New School NY | Columbia University: “Digidisruption”
  • Prof. DDr. Martin Gelter, Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law: “Change in Global Corporate Governance.”
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Stremitzer, Professor of Law, Economics, and Business, ETH Zurich: “A Controlled Self-Immunization Strategy towards Herd Immunity.”
  • DI Siegfried Sharma,  Doctoral Candidate, TU Graz | Harvard University | CEO By the People: Moderator, “Learning by Using and its Meaning for Innovation in Societies.”

Join us for an exciting event on Friday, 8th of May 2020 via Zoom. The language will be English for our international audience!

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